Tixl acquires Blockfyre to build the next generation Digital Asset Data Platform

We are pleased to announce that Blockfyre and Tixl have come to an acquisition agreement. The company behind Tixl (elbstack GmbH) acquired a majority stake in Blockfyre GmbH. The acquired entity will be integrated into the Tixl Ecosystem and build and grow “Tixl.Finance”.

Blockfyre came a long way and we are proud of everyone who was part of the Blockfyre journey to this point. However, we believe that now is the right time to take the next step and be part of something bigger — that allows us to pursue our initial vision: providing the best and most reliable tools, data and information about digital assets to investors. In the future, the Blockfyre channels, reach, network, employees and know-how will solely be utilized for building the next-generation, AI-powered cryptocurrency data platform: Tixl.Finance.

Both teams have been in contact for over a year now and are convinced about the big opportunity that this acquisition holds. This decision marks a big step for the Tixl ecosystem and Tixl.Finance as one of its first flagship applications. Stay tuned for more information regarding the launch of our new platform and its unique features:



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