tixl.finance is Rebranding - 1,000 TXL reward for the best name suggestion

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We’re thrilled to announce that in a first big step to push our core beliefs of decentralization and community-driven governance, we are going to rebrand tixl.finance and are open to new name suggestions from the community. With tixl.finance always being more of a working title, we have received a lot of feedback around the name and have made the decision to change it in the near future.

We have a deep appreciation for our supporters and therefore want this rebranding to be a community effort. That is why we have decided to create a form, to gather suggestions from our community. The link to this form will be available for one week and at the end of this week the best suggestion will be rewarded with 1,000 TXL tokens.

The first step is to get your brain firing and conjure up some creative ideas for a more generic platform name.

By ‘generic’ we mean that this name should automatically give you the comfort and knowledge that you are on a platform designed for the smart investor, looking to make some calculated investment decisions.

  1. The name should work perfectly with a free domain name. Please do some research and also suggest the corresponding domain so that we can get it if we choose your name.
  2. The name should not be used by other trademarks already.
  3. The name should be designed in a way where typing the first few letters is easy so that it autocompletes perfectly from input fields.
  4. The name should not be too funny. Even though it may have playful elements from Twitter crypto slang, it should not necessarily include food items ;-)
  5. The name shouldn’t be too close to the name of existing platforms.

Last but not least, it would be nice to have if the name kind of relates to the Tixl token symbol TXL. The future tixl.finance will still incorporate the token in as many use cases as possible to show full support to the Tixl community and TXL investors.

After taking a while to brainstorm, navigate to this form and submit your idea. We’ll review your submission until February 7th. On February 8th we’ll start evaluating all submissions and pick a winner. The winner will be announced on February 10th and receives his or her 1,000 TXL tokens within 48 hours after to the wallet address provided in the form.

The Tixl Token (TXL) will be untouched and still serve as a key element of our platform. Even with the new name we are planning to add something like a “powered by Tixl” stamp so that all visitors will pay attention to it! The TXL rewarded in this challenge have been purchased from the open market on Uniswap with this transaction.

We are looking forward to your suggestions. Of you haven’t done so, please feel free to join our channels:

Name suggestion Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/u/1/d/1ay16uwh2WfjvbxegzvH6M5Q3IayUp9x0vvOdvBxZ1f8/edit?usp=drive_web

Official Community chat for tixl.finance: https://t.me/tixlfinancecommunity

Bug Report and Feature discussion: https://t.me/tixlfinancesupport

GitHub: https://github.com/tixlfinance/tixlfinance-community-data/issues/new/choose

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