Tixl.Finance is set to launch in January

We are excited to announce that we have set a launch date for the first version of tixl.finance. Everyone who signed up via email will be granted access to the platform on the 11th of January 2021, if you haven’t done this yet, you can still sign up here. The public launch of tixl. finance will then take place two weeks after this date, on the 25th or January.

Our initial plan was to launch still this year but we decided to include a set of features in the new platform, which we are still working on. This decision is based on our constant efforts to provide our users with the most valuable platform possible for such an early stage. In addition, launching right before Christmas or between Christmas and New Year in holiday times is not the ideal timing for the marketing of our platform.

We appreciate the positive feedback and support that we have received from our community so far and can’t wait to show everyone the exciting things we have been building.



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