We are Live! The First Phase of our Launch is Completed.

We are happy to welcome the first users to tixl.finance today. Members of our community who signed up for early access over the last two months can access the platform from now on. Our team has worked hard to release a product that offers a lot more than the initial MVP we once planned. Our goal was to build a platform that already provides a lot of value to our users and communicates our vision for tixl.finance in the best way possible.

For everyone who has been granted access today, we are excited to have you on board so early and are grateful for any type of constructive feedback here or via our Telegram channel below. Tixl.finance is a community effort and will always be treated like that.

You can still sign up for access to tixl.finance here. We will process all new applications once per day until our public launch on the 25th of January.

If you haven’t done so, please also join us here:

Official Community chat for tixl.finance: https://t.me/tixlfinancecommunity

Bug Report and Feature discussion: https://t.me/tixlfinancesupport

GitHub: https://github.com/tixlfinance/tixlfinance-community-data/issues/new/choose

The next-gen Crypto Data Platform. Smart filters, AI-powered fundamental ratings, and all investment relevant information in one place.

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