What makes tixl.finance so unique? Overview of the First Version’s Features

There are thousands of cryptocurrencies, with more being created every single day. Investors and traders need an efficient, reliable way to sort through all their options to achieve success. As a result, they are at the mercy of the data providers in this space.

Current data platforms have become a staple in the crypto world, from something as simple as needing to track the price of an asset you hold to going in-depth with research and more advanced analytics. Despite their prominence, there aren’t many services to choose from. Worse still, the top choices are centralized, which leaves room for potential manipulation.

On the surface, it might seem like tixl.finance is similar to the existing platforms out there. However, when building this platform with the investors’ needs in mind, as a tool that we as investors, with years of experience in this space, would use ourselves. Our vision for tixl.finance is not only to provide valuable data but actually take this data and make it easier for investors to understand the various indicators and eventually help them to make better investment decisions. All this while focusing on decentralization. Therefore we are launching our first version already filled with several big features:

Decentralization: Community-driven with easy create & edit Github processes

With the launch of the first version, we are also already starting to put an emphasis on decentralization. In addition, early use cases for the integration of the TXL token are being planned and will be explained in a separate blog post. We want our community to be a part of tixl.finance and participate in the platform’s growth. Therefore we will create an open system in which everyone has the chance to complete tasks around the platform (via Github commits), improve the content and data, and get rewarded for their work. These tasks include the integration of data or information, such as logos or market pairs and rewards for completing these tasks will be paid out in TXL tokens. Projects can onboard themselves or edit their project’s data directly via Github, too.

Tixl Score

The first and also most unique feature users will notice is the “tixl.finance score” which has the objective to give an objective and completely data-based fundamental rating by taking into account various factors that are important to determine the fundamental strength and upside potential of a digital asset. It is fully unbiased and solely based on a unique algorithm that automatically analyzes the market and coin data in real-time. The following attributes are being analyzed: Liquidity, Volume, Supply Ratio, Social Sentiment, Quality of Exchanges. The Tixl score will help investors to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to the quality of digital assets. An interesting side note: The tixl.finance Score, when normalized against the market cap of a coin, has the potential to create a completely new and more legit ranking, other than just sorting them by market cap, tixl.finance users will be able to basically find the “best” or somewhat most undervalued investment opportunities by the click of a button, all in real-time.

AI-powered Scores for Sentiment Analysis

We are implementing our own AI-powered algorithms, starting with an algorithm for sentiment analysis, which then results in a score as well. The score represents an aggregation of comments in social media and mentions on news platforms.

Unique Slippage data, per coin/trading pair

One of the most significant issues for traders and investors, especially when trading smaller tokens or investing larger amounts, is liquidity. We can’t tackle this problem itself, but we can provide more transparency around it. That’s why we have put a lot of work into analyzing liquidity data from exchanges and came up with a score for this as well. Apart from that, we came up with a very convenient way to check the slippage of a certain coin for a specific amount just by hovering over the liquidity score.

Smart Filters

Investors often have a particular category of assets they want to invest in, this might include different requirements that their investment has to meet, in regards to market cap, liquidity, or volume, for example. tixl.finance offers a highly customizable filtering tool, which lets users adjust and combine filters to their personal needs to make sure they really find what they are looking for.

Many more features coming soon

We are working non-stop to integrate new features and improve the experience on our platform and we want the community to be a part of this. That’s why we decided to not only listen to feedback regarding a certain feature but also gather ideas for new one from the community and allow TXL holders to vote for the ones they would like to see integrated next.


We have scheduled a closed launch for the 11th of January. Those who signed up via email will be granted early access to the platform. If you haven’t already signed up, you can still sign up: here

The next-gen Crypto Data Platform. Smart filters, AI-powered fundamental ratings, and all investment relevant information in one place.